Matt Ridilla

Executive Director

I am 30 years old from Atlanta, GA and thankfully have been blessed with the opportunity to run this organization. The events in my life have lead me to Abilene, TX where I am able to help lead Rise Church along with Rise Discipleship Home. Loosing my father in high school, beating cancer 3 times which lead to my end of a college baseball career taught me how to rise up as a leader who never has quit in him. I strive to teach communication, problem solving, self discipline and changing of the mind in a practical easy-to-understand way that is adaptive to everyday life. Not only is it practical but if dedicated to putting the lessons into use, it guarantees you to become a leader in family, community, workplace and every area of life. I am honored to have the opportunity to raise up tomorrows leaders, today.


Johnathan Palomino

Executive Director Youth Program


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